At Frankfurt Messe 2019, Glory Music pianos have good performance. With new and old clients world widely, our pianos have received high comments on the piano finish, craft and tone. As a piano supplier, this is our most important motivation to working on more perfect pianos. The Burbinga baby grand piano attracted many piano players to show their talent in our booth. Entry level 121 model is welcomed by piano dealers. 123 model with Renner parts are a new level of our line. Clients liked its classic design. On the 3rd day of the Messe, all the pianos was ordered by a Belgium client. Many technicians from Austria, Germany, China, UK, and Russia comes to our booth to discuss about piano technique and development, too. Enjoy music, enjoy life. Wish you all the best.

Welcome to join the Neugebauer and Chloris dealership and we are concertedly to create a good atmosphere of the profession.