Founded in 2000AD Shanghai Glory Music Co. Ltd has quickly established itself as a piano manufacturer of quality instruments exuding a warm, rounded tone and produced to the commercial standard expected of today’s pianos.


In the more than 20 years since our CHLORIS piano has become very popular in markets throughout the world, with sales to customers from North and South America,  Europe, Australia, the Middle East, South Africa and Southeast Asia.


Our factory is located in Huzhou city, Zhejiang province famous for its musical- instrument making heritage in China.  An advantageous location giving us access to both opulent piano resources materially, and to the craftsmen needed to produce fine quality instruments.


We are dedicated to the continual improvement of our products.  From apprentice to senior technician and woodworker we pay meticulous attention to maintaining a high standard of manufacture.  Under the eagle-eye of our Korean foreman Mr Lee our 80-strong workforce is well-trained and committed to excellence.   As a result our pianos are distinguished for their consistent quality direct from the factory.


Whether you are looking for an extensive range of models for your piano shop, the best value pianos for your teaching studio, a baby grand, an upright-piano for your whole family to play, or a luxurious custom grand-piano for your home or hotel, Shanghai Glory Music offers you a wide range of sizes, styles, and finishes for you to  compare and select . There will be a model that will meet your needs!


Our foreign trade office is located in China’s principal trading city Shanghai, where our sales staff offer you prompt information, service and plus advice on international freight services and all matters pertaining to foreign export.   Our factory is well located for easy freight access from the two major ports of Shanghai and Ningbo.                                    


We look forward to growing together with you. Welcome your inquiry and visit!


Company History

As the piano boom began in China in the early 1980’s, a consortium of businessmen and music lovers worked together in the city of Huzhou, in the Zhejiang province to manufacture a piano that performed to International standards.

Our factory was subsequently established in 2000 in Huzhou, an area well-resourced for piano materials and suppliers and easily connected to the principal trading city of Shanghai and the ports of the great city of Ningbo.  Our company, Shanghai Glory Music Co. Ltd objective is to manufacture professional and high-quality pianos and to promote our brand CHLORIS across the world.   To further this aim, an office was established in Shanghai in 2010.

In 2011 Shanghai Glory Music invited top European technicians and designers with experience in elite piano companies throughout Europe to be our production inspector and technical director with the specific brief to improve and control piano quality. The benefits of that initiative are seen in the instruments you see today, with our pianos now sold to customers from North and South America, Europe, Australia, the Middle East, South Africa and Southeast Asia.

The Shanghai Glory Music pianos are manufactured on an integrated production line that includes frames, soundboard, cabinet, painting, assembly and packing workshops.   Quality materials and parts from high-grade reliable suppliers are our first choice. Workers skilled in refined handicrafts are required for quality piano manufacturing, and therefore strict quality-control is inherent in every Shanghai Glory Music piano.


In August 2015 the Vienna Piano Showroom we opened our first venture into the prestigious and most mature piano market.   It gave our customers a chance to see our quality, workmanship and service.  We look forward to developing more markets and extending our influence world-wide.