Keyboard: Choice Straight grained spruce. Throughout scientific and strict production process, our keys are able to ensure high stability. After professional adjustment, it has wonderful key touch and flexible response for the players.

Action: All wood, top selected materials. With European design, rational arrangement of components and accurate structure, it has high strike-resistance. The lowest standard by destructive test can reach 500,000 continuous beats, which is far beyond the industrial requirement of piano action. Under consistent temperature and humidity control, our action has strong weather-resistance: With patented CENTER needle production and special CENTER treatment, we could ensure the safe running of piano action in different weathers.

Hammer: Selected seasoned wood, and German Hammer Felt. Applying supported technique from Germany and Japan, with scientific casting process and strong internal tension, our hammers are stable from weather difference and have beautiful sound performance.

Strings: German Roslau Strings. The sound is full and rich.

Tuning Pins: Nickel plated, steel cut-thread

Pin block: 19 cross ply hard maple. The high quality promises that it holds the tuning pin tightly. 

Bridges: A Grade hard maple. The middle and treble uses whole design and bass is of camber. It ensures optimal transmission of sound vibrations.

Metal Plate/Skeleton: Sand-cast, CNC processed, The plate is made of hard manganese steel and weights 89 kgs. It assures our skeleton of High stability.
Soundboard: All Spruce, solid spruce core plus 2 spruce epidermal applications. Well radiates a large volume of sound over a wide frequency range. 

Back frame: Good quality solid spruce. Its design perfectly matches the structure of string and metal plate. In this way, our strong back frame keeps the piano stay in tune. 

Cabinet: Environmental lacquer and Mirror polish & high glossy metal parts. The modern and classic appearance brings you pleasant visual enjoyment.

Fallboard: Slow fall down design.