CHLORIS 88 Keys Black Polish China Digital Piano CDG1000 with LCD Screen 

Color:  black, white, red 

Keyboard: 88-note hammer action keyboard
Instrument Voice: 153PCM voices(128 voices and 25 national voices) + 10 stroke joy
Rhythm: 100 kinds of dissimilarity style accompany
Touch Control: Soft, Medium Soft, Medium, Medium Strong,Strong
Polyphony: 64notes
Demo: 21 practice sounds
Manifestation: LCD
Function: Demo, Harmony, Modulate, Dual, split, Metronome, Record , Chorus,
  tremolo, adjust, music deposited, USB, Record & Play
Chords way: list, much
Accompany Control: Start/Stop, Synchronous start/stop. Prelude/tail move, inA/inB
Metronome: Selectable beat and tempo range 40-240
Sound Controls: Master volume, treble and bass
Recorder: 5 track
Pedals: Pedals: Soft, Sustain, Sostenuto
Connectors: Headphone, Aux in/out, USB MIDI, Pedal jack, AC input,USB
Speakers: 30W*2,40W*1,3W*2
Power output: <80W

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