Chloris Acrylic piano, elegant and futuristic, makes you attracted to it at the moment you see it. T

he wonder of the intricacies of a piano action can be glimpsed through the acrylic body of our transparent grand pianos.Some of our acrylic pianos incorporate LED lighting that refracts the light-casting rainbow into the room, creating dramatic and stunning effects that turn your space into a light-filled paradise full of charm and romance.

Chloris HG-168 is small enough to fit in many houses, hotels, etc. It possesses the sound of a much larger grand, thanks to its wide-tail design. A strong flight case is available. If you are looking for a strong moving case for the piano, Chloris Piano case will protech your piano and make you moving safe and easy. 

Color: Crystal like, transparent acrylic silver finish 

 Color available: white, red, black, gold, etc. ; the color could be customized. 

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